About me


Education and Qualifications:

  • Graduated in the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw
  • 1995 – Faculty of Physical Education – obtained a Master’s degree
  • 1998 – Faculty of Physiotherapy – obtained a Master’s degree
  • graduated as an Instructor of: gimnastic, swimming, windsurfing, alpine skiing, therapeutic horse riding
  • has completed the physiotherapy courses such as: PNF – advanced, McKenzie – credentialling examination, OMT Diploma of the Kaltenborn-Evjenth International Concept, Kinesiotaping – advanced
  • has attended other physiotherapy courses such as: Mobilisation of the Nervous System – Butler, The S-E-T Concept (Sling Exercise Therapy)
  • took part in many other physiotherapy congresses, workshops and practical placements in the field of musculoskeletar disorders held at Poland and abroad
  • Member of The Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists – professional physiotherapy licence No. 32582
  • has completed Hand Therapy I and II course.

Work experience:

  • worked as an instructor/educator at sports camps 1994-2016.
  • full – time job as a physiotherapist in the Center of Sports Medicine at Wawelska Str. 5 in Warsaw 1998-2014.
  • treatment of the athletes of the Polish Olimpic National Team in the National Sports Medicine Clinic 1998 – 2013.
  • was employed as an assistant teacher on the Kaltenborn – Evjenth Concept courses since 2009
  • has been working in the private practice in the field of manual therapy and physical exercises since 2013


  • volleyball, skiing, windsurfing, horse riding, history, foreign languages

Foreign languages:

  • English, German


  • References are available on request