Jak SPINA-BAC podpiera odcinek lędźwiowy

This is how SPINA-BAC protect your spine

Podpórka pod kręgosłup lędźwiowy

Lumbar support SPINA-BAC


In it’s natural position the spine is slightly “S” shaped,
which allows it to balance the upper body efficiently and with minimal effort.

It is essential to maintain this natural “S” shape when sitting
e.g. at home and in the car.

Always use a firm support for the back and recline backwards maintaining a natural “S” shape whenever you can.
This will protect your back, shoulders and neck from fatigue and pain.

SPINA-BAC is slim, elegant and attractive, and adjusts to fit your own back. The special steel springs and polyurethene foam padding combine with the soft fabric cover (washable) provide superb comfort.

spina-bac 5kolorów

Colors of SPINA-BAC

ADJUSTABLE REGULATOR: 3 hight and 2 depth positions.
Weight: 1 kg
Size: 32 cm x 42 cm.
Colors: blue, beige, burgundy, anthracit grey and green.

Price: 200 zł (incl. VAT)


SPINA-BAC in a car

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